Managing Director

Dr. Bhawna Singh

I am privileged to be a part of Origin Career Institute, because of its aim to give platform to those student who have a talent to stand a place in this competitive world. And also to nurture the medacore to attain a goal. OCI started with this aim for student to have at least 6-7  hrs of say study that is only possible when concepts will be clear in student’s mind


(Faculty of biology)

MSc. Ph.D. (Microbiology)S.G.P.G.I.M.S

5 yrs Experience in Foundation/NEET


best iit coaching in lucknow


Vaibhav Tripathi

I Vaibhav Tripathi joined this institution because of its high esteem dreams and an energy to fulfill those dreams. I had a path of my own and OCI gave me train in which I travelled to get to my destination, that destination where every child becomes the light of the world because every child has some talent. We is OCI brush up that talent to uploaded in his school. Venture to get his goal of becoming a good/quality Engineer or a Doctor. I from OCI team take oath to fully dedicate my say to its goal of every child.

(Faculty of Chemistry)

B tech, KNIT, Sultanpur

7 yrs Experience IIT/NEET, Foundation Batch